Valence: the magical entry door to Alps

Alps are paradise for those who love mountains, nature and winter sports, but they are enormous. That is why every alp lover hesitates about what area visiting in those special trips. One of these entry doors is Valence, also known as entry door to south of France. From there, we go to the western part of the mountain range.

Here we provide 5 reasons to buy a train ticket to Valence and starting there our Alpine adventure.

Picture: Wikipedia / Morburre

Open French character

Located in France, Valence doesn’t disregard its culture. Despite counting with only 60.000 habitants and having a relatively small size, Valence has space enough to proudly show architectural milestones.

This way, in Valence we find beautiful outdoors stairways, palace style gardens, bandstands and pergolas imbued with Romantic style, wide terraces to enjoy sun and nature and narrow streets with the unique touch of the near Provence.

Changing our destination is easy-peasy

You come to conquer Alps, but if you want to change your plans all of a sudden, there is nothing better than being in a city that is just 100 kilometers away from the beautiful Lyon, the surprising Saint Étienne, the iconic Avignon or Grenoble, hided between mountains.

      Olympic route to Mont-Blanc

The most emblematic Alpine peak is waiting for us. From Valence, we go through iconic places strongly related to winter sports. This way, we go through the vast summit through Chamonix and Albertville, which were both hosting Winter Olympic Games: the first of them in 1924 and the second one in 1992.

The Rhône

Rivers provide cities unique personality, and Valence has one of the most emblematic in all Europe.

Rhône is a gorgeous river we can sail with cruise ships that make it possible and are one of the active touristic offers in the city.

In case we are visiting Valence in June, we will enjoy even more the beauty of this river thanks to the great party of canals.

           Valence: «Villes et pays d’art et d’histoire»

«Villes et pays d’art et d’histoire» are cities that preserve, foster and spread either tradition and architecture typical from French culture.

Valence got this quality stamp in 1985, just one year after this distinctive was created by French Ministry of Culture. That means a long tradition of activities with the aim of promoting this heritage, which are good news for us because we will always have plans to know local history and traditions.