Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Cuisines – A Unique Gastronomical Treat You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Your Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel will never be complete without checking out the one-of-a-kind dishes that these wonderful countries have to offer. Food always tops the list of Indochina travelers and all for a good reason. Vietnam is known for being a giant in culinary world, acclaimed all over the globe for their mouthwatering pho, liberal use of spices and herbs and fresh spring rolls. Laos and Cambodia cuisines are as equally delicious, sharing most of the tastiest features of their culinary neighbors Vietnam, China and Thailand.

However, you can actually so much more than simply eat and taste the special dishes in these three countries. Below are some exciting gastronomic experiences you can try across the region.

Take Cookery Classes

It’s great to have your meals cooked for you but there are times when it is actually better to give it a go yourself. While this might be everyone’s cup of tea, if you are the hands-on type, this is a fantastic way to be acquainted with any place’s cuisine.

Dine in Vietnam with a Local

There are many reasons why it is amazing to dine in the home of your Vietnamese host. First off, you get a treat of proper and home cooked food, exactly what Vietnamese eat daily. Secondly, you have a great chance to know the locals better. You experience dinnertime the Vietnamese way and learn more about their everyday culture and lives. While Vietnamese restaurants are excellent, these experiences are something that you can’t get no matter where you go.

Eat Bugs

Do you want something satisfying? What if it is slimy? Well, this one is not for the faint-hearted. However, you need to get used to them since these could well become the future source of protein. For the longest time, insects are a delicacy in most countries in Asia, which include Cambodia where it is common to find fried crickets, tarantula and even the dreaded cockroaches on the menu. While you might not fancy eating a crunchy spider, for daredevils, this is the official rite of passage for Indochina travelers that you should never miss out.


Indulge in a Sunset Dinner Cruise

If you fear the idea of biting into creepy crawlies and the mere thought is setting your teeth on the edge, there are still a lot more leisurely culinary experiences that you can try. For instance, why don’t you try a sunset dinner cruise? Setting off from Luang Prabang, the beautiful World Heritage city in Laos, you can watch the sun as it goes down over the Mekong as you try samples of different courses of traditional Lao cuisine, with the accompaniment of local dancers and a live band.

When in Cambodia, on the other hand, you can take a similar cruise starting in Phnom Penh for you to get a glimpse of riverbanks springing to life as dusk approaches.

It doesn’t matter if you will take on Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 16 days or Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 18 days, these gastronomical experiences are something that you definitely have to check out!