We travel for spirituality

Spirituality has always been an exciting fact for me. It is connected with knowledge and our behavioral patterns. Honesty, religious connection, association, happiness, accord, love, compassion, apprehension, endurance, mercy unity, piety – spirituality can stimulate our inner thoughts, feelings, and connection to the surroundings.

For me, finding spirituality on my travels has been forceful and occasionally it came with calmness. Every now and then I feel them both at the same time.Sometimes, an intense sensation shrouds my entire body and sometimes a deep calmness and nervousness cover up the sky for me. My body shivers all over and a strong sensation rose up. The entire atmosphere around me changes its color and a light of enlightenment envelops me with a warm consciousness.

The spiritual aspects of the nature can make a person devoid of any worldly manipulations and lead them to a state of greater happiness. Individuals who are considered as spiritual often have the manifestation of superior calmness and contentment. Astute expressions, profound apprehension for others and the viewpoint of the world at large are their distinctiveness.

From the ancient times, spirituality has always been an enviable state to others.People wish to connect with the spiritual individuals in hope for some spiritual gain for an improved lifestyle or in the belief for the benefits of karma.

One of the most important aspects of spirituality happens to be protecting the mind and putting aside the thoughts that distract the mind. It is like the process of mediation–achieving something serene by discarding everything else from the mind.

Another significant phase of spirituality can be described as the realization of the truth and the ultimate belief in the Lord.Spiritual books helped me a lot with my prayers and the enlightenment. With the help of these spiritual compositions, now I can think with a much more clear conscience and my attempt to meditation also became quite smooth.

I have been reading various topics and books from numerous sources available. Lately, the Amazon and kindle eBook store have been the ultimate destination in my search for spirituality! This is where I found the book titled –‘Dark Secret of Her Soul’ by a comparatively new writer named KaSefika. I was quite intrigued by the plot and thought to give it a try.

It was the story of a girl who wants to know the truth of this universe, the truth about the oppressors,the truth about the political and religious doctrines imposed upon her, the truth about the secret of her soul and her innermost thoughts and complexes.

KaSefika was rather good in detailing the facts of spirituality and its relationship to the human beings and the universe itself. From this piece of writing, we could comprehend her personal experience and the social viewpoint. Moreover, the concept of the subjugation of the soul and the remedy through spirituality was highlighted in a charismatic way. It has been quite some time since I have been fascinated by the piece of a new writer like this.