What are the benefits of traveling- the impact of traveling

Travel and tourism industry is going through a phase of the revolution. Traveling has become a hobby of most of the people. The people who want a break from their monotonous life head out with their families to go for solo-travel in order to gain perspective and come back enriching. Penang is the new Paris; Search must-visit Penang attractions to know more although in this article we are going to discuss the benefits and impact of traveling.

  1. It makes you creative: Traveling makes a person creative, when you are on a journey you tend to look outside and meet new people. Meeting new people means you gain more information. Sometimes you come across people who are striking or they themselves are enterprising. They may teach new art or skill. When I was on a trip to Jaipur, I went for Vipassana, on the last day of the meditation when we were allowed to talk I learned- how to make organic soap from a Brazilian girl.


  1. You can bond stronger: Your bond becomes stronger. You care for each other. You play games, and listen to music together; these are the activities that make your bond stronger.



  1. It breaks monotony:The monotonous and boring routine is broken. There are no more deadlines to meet. You should get your travel insurance done. In case of emergencies, you do not want to be left alone with no money and resources to come back to your country.


  1. You can learn about new cultures:Traveling means learning new culture and habits. While traveling you observe and see how people work and what makes them different. The new cultures have different language and clothing. Buying a dress made by these new culturally different people can give your wardrobe a fresh gust of air.



  1. Traveling makes you confident:Before going to Penang I bought a guidebook must-visit Penang attractions. I was confident because I knew the places similarly, you should buy a guide book with the must-visit places a town has to offer.


  1. You become independent:By traveling you become independent especially if you are traveling solo. There is no one around to mother you. Your family and friends might be away and you become dependent on yourself. You take care of your baggage and valuables yourself.



  1. You learn to trust:You learn to be more vulnerable in order to talk to strangers, you learn who to trust. Your inner instincts are at more work when you are traveling. Still, you are more open and willing to experience new things. Be worry free. Keep a pepper spray and a power bank with you in case you do not get enough time to charge your phone and camera batteries. When you return home, you are full of memories and experiences that are your mental treasure. Your personality becomes interesting and you have something to talk about with your colleagues and family. Go for a trip every year. Happy traveling!