What makes French wine taste so good?

Best French wine

Wine and cheese are the most integral part of France. It has got the reputation of being expert in producing high-quality cheese and wine and is one of the best producers in the world. As per the history of the French wine tradition, the secret of the wine making was kept with the monks and later passed on to the nobility.

History of the French wine

Since ages the French wine is always being the best one around the world. However, the system of the vineyard being passed to the nobility was not accepted and many vineyards were confiscated. However, it is now in a proper hands and operating in the best possible way and produces the best French wine.

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Why the French Wine is the Best?

It is one of the biggest question that, how the French wine the most exquisite and best in the world? It is not due to any one particular reason, but due to the combination of different factors. The list of the different reasons includes: –

  • Skills: – The tradition of wine making in France in centuries old and thus, the winemakers have got virgin skill of winemaking. France have got the most expert winemakers of the world who have got the best and unique skills and talent of producing the best French wine
  • Natural Factors: – Another factor which makes the French wine the best in the world is its diverse climatic condition. France has got numerous numbers of vineyards and it is also true that no two vineyards have got similar terrain. Thus, different types of terrain can produce different range of grapes and thus, you get a wide variety of high-quality wines from France.
  • Climatic Condition: – The climatic condition of France is best suitable for the growth and developing of the grapes. The climate allows the proper growth of wide range of grapes with different taste and aroma. Thus the French wine has got the best aromatic flavor and taste.
  • Grapes: – You can find a wide range of grapes varieties in France like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Chardonnay etc. These varieties of grapes are famous in all over the world, however, along with these, there are many other local varieties of grapes which are used and known internally.

The different types of grapes relates with specific regions like the Cabernet Sauvignon is related to Bordeaux and the Syrah to Rhone.

Along with this, the use of wine in French is there since century’s ad they were commonly used in almost all kind of cooking due to its abundance along with healthy benefits and others. Thus, the people from France are well versed with the complete process of the wine production.

Current Status of French wine Production

For a long time, France has topped the chart of the top and the best wine producing countries. But since 2007, the production volume has got reduced by 7 % which made Spain the top wine producing country. Even with this, the French wine has got a special place in the heart of the wine lovers.