What Should I Pack for the Camino de Santiago

They say that it’s not the pathway that is a difficulty, it’s difficulty that is a pathway. That is likely the most appropriate description of what you will experience on St. James’s Way – Camino de Santiago trip. Probably the most significant while making plans for thisexcursion isto get prepared mentally and spiritually, but this is what you had arguably already done long before you decided to go. Obviously even saints have to eat and drink, so let’s focus for a while on what one should pack to his or her rucksack before the beginning of the Camino de Santiago expedition.

Comfort zone is what everyone likes simply because it’s safe. Making a big step to go out of it is already an admirable demeanor, so get yourself a merited relish and prepare yourself to get a minimum of convenience in order to pipe the most of the trip.

First self-helping tool – a stick. Should one take it or not? This archaic custom known from the history is still ruling in Santiago area. In the past times sticks served to lean, drive away the dogs and wild animalsand to build a shelter. What’s sure is that a stick became an emblem of a pilgrim on his way to Santiago. What changed nowadays is only a form of it. Nordic walking or trekking sticks gets successively more common there. Be sure to place it in the checked baggage if you travel by plane, because sharp sticks are forbidden in the hand luggage.

Comfortable shoes are certainly a must. But what kinds of shoes are the best? Hiking boots, sandals, and shower slippers is a well known kit. Some travelers say that sandals are functional enough to both replace the sandals under the shower and hiking boots during walking. Having completed rest of the wardrobe: shorts, T-shirt, underwear, pyjama, softshell and a hat or scarf is essential to feel basically prepared for the trip when it comes to clothes.

Do not forget to get equipped for the hard times too. If it rains you will have your mood improved knowing that the content of your bag is water-proof. For this purpose, get yourself a plastic sachet for papers, water-proof poncho for both the person and the backpack. Don’t forget to take a towel. On the other hand, if the sun gets too heavy, it’s worth having sunglasses and English-Spanish phrasebook if you have to visit pharmacy and have your sunburn leveled down. Regarding first-aid kit, there is unfortunately a plenty of ideas that could serve. Let’s start with earplugs – to cut off people snoring all around you, wet handkerchiefs for hands and face, scissors, patches, bandages, strengthening vitamins, hydrogen peroxide and medications for: diarrhea, indigestion, headache, temperature, sore throat. It’s quite important to have their leaflets as well, just in case.

Quite essential for the sake of the trip which is obviously not only a survival camp is to take religious symbols that willmake you feel more a part of the group. These are: a shell – a pilgrims’s sign, available of the path as well, and a stone – taken from the place of residence, a sign of the size of your sins.

Last but not least, commonly used accessories that you would never think to take, but afterwards you will find yourself extremely surprised by how important it was to have them. I mean a head flashlight, pocket knife, cup, safety pins, clasps, sewing kit, rubber stamp, foil pouches and others of a kind. Just take a moment to imagine few common life situations.

As far as I am concerned when it comes to travelling the list is never finished, because, as they say – You never know. A big pro and con at the same time of this kind of excursion is staying in the group of people for the most of the time. This gives you the possibility to enlarge your error margin and count for others, which is quite a nice perspective.