Why Short Lets Are Better Than Hotels for Business

If you are operating a business where your employees are always required to travel to London, your company could be spending lots of money on hotel rooms. You may want to consider London short lets for all your company’s business travels because of the benefits that you will not find when you decide to book hotel rooms. Here are some reasons why short lets are better than hotels for business.

Save the Company Money

If your company budget is low, renting a short let is the best option because it will save you lots of money when compared to expensive and luxurious hotels. The hotels usually charge higher rates that result in wastage of money. Employees can stay comfortably in one short let, which allows you to avoid renting many hotel rooms. Rates are also more affordable compared to hotels. Your employees can also enjoy their own meals in the short lets instead of dining out every time they travel. This can end up saving your company lots of money.

Control Diet and Well-being

You can ensure your employees’ allergies and dietary preferences are accommodated by letting them prepare their food. This will make them avoid eating in hotel restaurants where they can end up eating something grossly heavy in calories while they do not want to. You’ll be surprised the number of workers who blame weight gain on business trips. It often upsets the rhythm everyday life and prevents your employees from their usual routine. London short lets come with a kitchen where your employees can prepare their own meal and make healthier choices.


During your stay, short-term lets provide a wide range of amenities, such as a yard or patio, gym, a washing machine plus dryer, free WIFI, a private pool, stunning views and a full kitchen. Most people choose short lets because of these amenities.


Business meetings can run throughout the day and also in the early mornings. With short lets, unlike hotels, you do not have to ask the reception for keys every time you are from a business meeting, tired and even a bit drunk. You can go and come as you want because you are in control of your apartment keys. There’s no pesky reception in short-term lets who keeps tabs on your every movement. Additionally, short lets are always located in a better spot when compared to hotels


London short lets provide a homely environment. You’ll feel like you are staying at your own place. Short lets are usually quieter when compared to hotels where you might find people living while on holiday. This makes it possible for your employees to concentrate on work. Also, short lets come with comfortable furnishings and a desk for working, which is not the case with average hotel rooms.

When planning a business trip to London for your employees, renting short lets is the better choice than renting hotels because of the many advantages that it provides.