Why Should You Retire on a Beach in France?


Far from the usual touristic crowds and madness, beaches in France have a distinct charm and offer amazing conditions to anyone vacationing or willing to stay for longer – perhaps, forever. If you are thinking about retirement, you can now explore the reasons why France is good for you:

European life at its best

France is an excellent retirement place for anyone in love with the European lifestyle. Its shores retain much of the calm and inspiring French lifestyle, unlike the country’s major and medium cities. You’ll be far from the urban hustle and bustle, yet still have everything you need within reach, as well as be able to sample all the joys of modern life.

You can start living your dreams

If you’ve dreamed of inhabiting a small cozy home adorned with loads of colorful flowers, France is the right place for it. Not all its beaches have been destined to touristic activity. Much of its shore length remains unspoiled and part of it belongs to lovely traditional villages and farms. If you’re rather the romantic type, in love with history and its remnants, you can choose a beach with a medieval castle and dream away. Have a look at to find the best rated, most interesting beaches in France.

The climate is very pleasant

With old age, health issues begin to appear. This means you may not like living in cold weather, nor in a hot climate. Too much sun and heat can be very damaging and even dangerous after a certain age. On a French beach, you won’t face any extremes; on the contrary, the climate is balanced and pleasant all year long.

Lost cost of living

Although living in France isn’t the cheapest you could get away with, you will find it’s not that hard to lead a good life here with an average income. Even in Bordeaux, which is considered the wealthiest, you can do pretty well. And if you choose one of the smaller cities or better, a village, choosing to be self-sufficient, you can enjoy a more than decent lifestyle.

We have mot mentioned aspects like the cuisine, since one may sample such even before arriving in France. Before you settle, take a tour off the beaten path and explore the possibilities. You may fall irremediably in love with a place you never knew existed, somewhere along the Atlantic coast.