Travel Planning

You get the privacy you deserve

The honeymoon is the time to know your better half a lot better and get intimate without disturbances. And no place on earth can provide this privacy that Maldives offer you! It is so serene, peaceful and bewitchingly beautiful that romance is in the air. Here, intimacy is not limited to the room, but the design of resort is such that every room has decks and an outside area to enjoy every bit of nature and the sea. There are also which are specifically catering to couples only  which do not allow children, so you get all the privacy, and tranquility that you deserve.

Exclusive activities planned for couples

The resorts for a honeymoon make sure couples have a bonding time even while doing activities. They are planned in a ‘couple friendly way.’ Be it stargazing, or going for a cocktail mixing class, taking a sunset cruise together or even naming a coral the options are endless, intimate and are sure to rekindle your passion to live. A couple’s spa treatment after all the activities is a must to rejuvenate and reconnect before your journey back home.

Get your desired cuisine served in the most romantic place

Even the food had an essence of romance and love here. The resorts have the best chefs who can cook cuisines from around the globe with a local touch. They will cook what your palate desires, and it is served on the platter in a very romantic dressing! It is arranged by the seaside wherein you two can have the dream romantic candlelit dinner. Just imagine dining under the stars, next to the sea with the love of your life! This is surely going to make the couple fall in love with each other again.

The resorts look luxurious but are really affordable

Going through the Maldives online is easy but then looking at the hotel prices gets you busted. Well, there is not much to worry. Just select and book one from the list of Maldives honeymoon packages with travel agents like OV Holidays, and they will make sure you get the best within your budget. They also have tie-ups with the most amazing resorts, and they cross-check everything before booking. Just tell your requirements and be assured to fit luxury in your budget! So now you do not have to think twice before booking a honeymoon at the picturesque Maldives!